Dimpled Texture | Drawer Fronts | Sideboard Pt 9

Video - January 20, 2024

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These aren’t your average drawer fronts! We’ll make the front from two pieces and create an integrated pull by creating a relief where the two pieces join. We’ll also create a dimpled texture using a Carbide Burr and a Die Grinder. The dimpled texture provides a super cool look to the fronts even though the wood itself is just regular walnut. Each dimple disrupts and reflects the light in such a way that it confuses the eye and invites people to come in for a closer look. It’s a great way to add an accent but I definitely believe it needs to be used sparingly. Here’s another example where I used the dimpling technique on a Trestle Table in case you want to see an additional application.

It’s important to remember that if you’re building this piece, you don’t need to make your drawers fronts look like mine. Have fun, get creative, and make a drawer front that suits your tastes.

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