Frequently Asked Questions

You can read about our business and journey on our about page

You can find all of our TWW videos and The Woodworking Morning Show (Live) on this website.

If you have a FireTV or access to Amazon Prime in the US or UK, you can view our main TWW videos easily there.

From YouTube, you can find our TWW main channel, our Live channel (that hosts The Woodworking Morning Show) and our spanished dubbed channel Wood Whisperer en Español

If you are looking for more in depth woodworking classes, check out our TWW Guild projects. Most projects have 4-8 hours of content showing you how to build a specific project. The videos can be viewed directly on the website with professional closed captioning or you can download them for offline viewing on your TV using a program like Plex.

The Wood Whisperer Guild is a unique and interactive online woodworking school. We build amazing projects throughout the year and present the content to you in the form of incredibly-detailed instructional videos. Digital plans are also provided. 

The purchase of a project makes you a full member, opening up additional benefits such as Live Guild Meetings, Interviews, Vendor Discounts, and access to our private Facebook Group. There are no hidden fees and no monthly subscriptions, but this membership does not give you access to additional projects. If you want more projects, you simply purchase them and add them to your collection. We do offer 2 FREE projects (Picture Frames & Dovetail Step Stool) that gives you a taste of the Guild experience but does NOT give full membership access.

Yes. As a very small company, we do not have the resources to purchase the latest and greatest products for review. After all, our job is making educational videos, not reviewing tools. But we are fortunate enough to receive products from various companies who are looking for some kind of exposure on our show. Ultimately, if the product is good enough and if the situation calls for it, these products may be seen in use on The Wood Whisperer. And if I am so inclined (and when requested by viewers), I may even post my experiences with the product as a review on the website. I am a straight shooter when it comes to product reviews and I have burned a few bridges with my honesty. Just because I receive a product for free does not in any way predispose me to presenting a positive review.

In order to keep our content free, The Wood Whisperer receives support from several sources: sponsorship (equipment and funding), viewer support, and ad revenue. Sponsors are specifically selected by me, based on the fact that I like their products. This is critical since sponsors frequently send us products that are used on the show, and I will not use a product I do not like. Viewer support comes in the form of product sales, Guild memberships, and our affiliate programs with,, and

Our early videos were filmed at our old house which had an attached 1500 sq. ft. garage that I used as my shop space. I then moved into our new home where I planned on building my dream shop and worked out of my 3-car garage in the mean time. The sale of our old house fell through so I decided to move back into the old shop space until the market improved. Eventually it did and I finally had the opportunity to build my Dream Shop. Then we decided to change it up big time and move to Colorado!

I like Titebond I for most interior furniture projects. For anything involving moisture, I like Titebond III. For projects with long assembly times, I use West Systems Epoxy: Resin, Hardener, Filler. For veneering and bent lamination I use Unibond800.

I currently use the 3m 6500 Respirator with the pink particular filters. This is a lightweight combination for dusty work. Standard organic vapor cartridges suffice for chemical (finishing) filtration.

If an order is returned to us for an incomplete, inaccurate or otherwise not deliverable address, customer will be responsible for additional shipping costs to have package shipped a second time.

Unfortunately, International shipments are always subject to import fees, duties, and taxes (which are levied once a shipment reaches the destination country). These charges must be borne by the recipient as we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be.

You can contact our Shipping department by replying to your order or emailing her here.


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