Sawtooth Standards | Door Coves & Adjustable Shelves | Sideboard Pt 10

Video - February 2, 2024

Before starting on the sawtooth standards, we’ll need to add a detail to the sliding doors that I nearly forgot about: finger holds. To make sure the door has something to grip, we’ll simply add a cove to the edge. I only added one cove to my doors but might consider adding another later. After all, the doors need to slide in both directions.

For the adjustable shelves, there are several ways we can have them interact with the case. Typically we use a series of holes and shelf pins but on a piece like this, I felt we should go the extra mile by building sawtooth standards. If you’re not familiar, this system includes standards that are notched so they can receive shelf supports that run from front to back. It’s a very cool but labor intensive choice that has the added bonus of requiring no metal or plastic. A classy way to construct adjustable shelves!

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