Dovetail Jigs are Back, Baby! | Drawer Boxes | Sideboard Pt 8

Video - January 10, 2024

It’s time to construct the drawers.  I haven’t used my dovetail jig in a while so I blew off the dust, read the manual, and knocked out all of the drawer joints in short order. The jig I like to use is the Leigh D4R. Here’s some trivia for you. Did you know that the dovetail jig was invented by the founder of Leigh Jigs? Yup. Pretty cool.

Once the drawer joinery is complete, I moved on to prepping for the Blum undermount slide installation. Undermount slides are not as complicated as the instructions would have you believe, but there are a number of important steps involved in the installation. Once the locking mechanisms are attached to the underside of the drawer, I like to use spacers to install the slide itself to the case.

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