A Classic Picture Frame

Video - December 16, 2020

A picture frame is probably one of the first projects the average woodworker makes. As we acquire new skills, materials, and tools, a simple picture frame can turn into an exquisite work of art. If you’re not careful, the frame can compete for attention with the art itself, which I think is a mistake. In my opinion, the frame should be the second thing the eye sees and should draw your attention to the art within the frame. So when Nicole asked me to make a frame for a special piece of artwork, I knew I’d need to pump the brakes a bit in hopes of designing a frame that was not only elegant and well-made, but also simple enough that it detract from the print.

This particular variation is one that I also built as part of a FREE Guild series on Picture Frames. Head to the Guild and sign up for immediate access. 

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