Woodworker’s Guide to Glue

Video - September 20, 2019

This video is sponsored by Titebond. They are an ongoing sponsor of The Wood Whisperer and they supply me with glue for my projects. Titebond is a trusted name in the industry and you can always count on the quality of their products. While this video focuses on the Titebond brand, it is really meant to be a general overview of the common glue types you might come across and when to use them. I hope you find it useful.

I put together spreadsheet showing the most common attributes of the various Titebond glues. I made it myself so it might not be 100% complete and there may be a typo or two, but it should still work for quick reference. Check out out. 

Links to the various glues shown in this video:

I thought it might be interesting for you to see the glue colors up close, so here’s a full-sized image.


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