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Ask TWW - March 5, 2021

00:00:40 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:00:50 – Employee Appreciate Day!
00:02:10 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members
00:03:25 – Marc’s read-along!
00:06:15 – Is there a general rule of thumb for overhang for legroom at the ends of tables?
00:08:10 – What degree smoothing plane should I get?
00:10:25 – How can I protect the top surface of my MDF torsion box assembly table?
00:12:25 – What big tool should I get it next? Upgrade existing or new?
00:14:52 – What is your opinion on electric hand planers?
00:17:30 – How can I align the tape to the right and to the left of the blade on my T tracks?
00:19:05 – Do you ever use bench cookies?
00:19:55 – What Laguna bandsaw would you buy for resawing lumber?
00:20:38 – What do you think the minimum thickness of a desktop would be?
00:22:50 – What are your thoughts on epoxy in cutting boards?
00:26:35 – Which guide rail square do you use for your track saw?
00:28:10 – How do you adjust your finishing process for how “thirsty” a wood is?
00:31:52 – What’s the best finish for an outdoor finish project?
00:34:27 – Where would you rate tong oil as an outdoor finish?
00:36:10 – What wood should we use for outdoor furniture?
00:37:20 – Should I get a cheap miter saw and table saw or a moderately expensive tablesaw?
00:40:10 – Is teak oil just a tung oil mixture?
00:41:20 – What is the aftershow like?
00:42:00 – Would you recommend the mobile base for bigger tools?
00:43:20 – What table saw blade do you use?
00:46:30 – How can I use a domino to make a panel for a cabinet for my hand tools?
00:47:34 – What is your preferred method to joint and plane curly hard maple?
00:49:35 – Can you “cut corners” when picking out a miter saw?


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