18 – Torsion Box Assembly Table Top

Video - June 3, 2007

When assembling projects, nothing beats a wide and spacious dead flat surface. And one of the easiest and most efficient ways to create a dead flat surface is by constructing what is known as a torsion box. A torsion box is really nothing more than a grid-work with a skin on both sides. This creates a very strong, yet light, structure that resists warping and sagging. Its very similar to the concept behind an airplane wing. This episode covers the construction of the Torsion Box top and Episode 19 covers the construction of the base.

The most common question I get on this project is how did I attach the top to the base. Simple answer: screws! Just drive a few screws through the top stretcher into the bottom of the torsion box.

Build Along!

If you plan on building this project, this exploded diagram will give you the measurements you need to get the job done. A Sketchup file of this project is also available, thanks to Chris Williams.


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