19 – Assembly Table Base

Video - June 3, 2007

This video covers the construction of our assembly table base. This unit has tons of storage thanks to the dual-sided design. Details covered include: cutting the sheetgoods, milling the rabbet and dado joinery, installing European cup hinges, and installing full extension drawer slides. And be sure to check out our video on creating the Torsion Box Top!

Build Along!

If you plan on building this project, this exploded diagram will give you the measurements you need to get the job done. A Sketchup file of this project is also available, thanks to Chris Williams.

Although not shown in the video, attach the top to the base with a few screws driven up through the cross-supports and into the underside of the top.

Products Featured in the Show:

Concealed Hinge JIG IT(R) System Concealed Hinge JIG IT(R) System
Drill concealed hinge cup holes with ease and accuracy. Easily locate, center and drill cup holes on cabinet doors for fully concealed hinges.

Concealed Hinge JIG IT(R) System

Clamp-It(R) Assembly Square Clamp-It(R) Assembly Square
Align it, clamp it, and fasten it to get perfect 90 degree angles every time! Here’s a solution that’s so simple, you’ll wonder why it took so long to develop!

Clamp-It(R) Assembly Square

Rockler/Insty-Drive Self-Centering Bits Rockler/Insty-Drive Self-Centering Bits
Self-centering bits feature a hex collar that allows for use with the Rockler/Insty-Drive exclusive Insty-Driver. You?ll get perfectly centered pilot holes for accurate hinge and hardware installation..

Rockler/Insty-Drive Self-Centering Bits



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