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Ask TWW - February 26, 2021

00:01:00 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:13 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members
00:04:05 – Leather aprons back in stock!
00:04:32 – Do you still make the planer brackets?
00:05:15 – New Sketchup Video!
00:05:55 – When will you compare your new Mirka sander to your Festool?
00:07:20 – What’s a good budget table saw?
00:08:10 – Blanket ladder preview
00:10:25 – Did you do any sanding/finishing to the T1-11 wall?
00:12:13 – What’s a good standard for workbench height?
00:14:18 – How long should you have your tracksaw guide rail for ripping 8′ plywood sheets?
00:15:45 – Is a 7/8″s thick desktop ok for a mid-century modern desktop?
00:18:50 – Just wanted to give a shoutout to your books!
00:19:40 – Do you have a recommendation on a laser engraver?
00:20:10 – Any tips on how to keep my cuts on a table saw with a miter gauge square?
00:22:25 – What kind of wood rasps do you recommend?
00:24:15 – What’s the best way to glue up a live edge dining table?
00:26:00 – Any suggestions on plans for dining room chairs? Matt’s chair kits
00:28:40 – Would you include a center divider and back panel if making a nightstand similar to the chest of drawers?

Chest of Drawers

00:30:16 – What’s the difference between using a vertical sled vs coping sled on the router table?
00:31:55 – Do you have a humidifier in your shop?
00:33:22 – There seems to be an issue with the pdf plans for the outfeed tables. Any ideas?
00:34:25 – How do you safely dispose of your blades?
00:35:05 – Would finishing the end grain on the bottom of the legs of a chair slow wood movement?
00:36:12 – What finish do you use on lighter woods that will not yellow the final product?
00:38:13 – How can I clean up the “condor” tails on the roubo off the bandsaw?
00:39:42 – Any advice to get a glossy black paint job on a baltic birch piece?
00:42:42 – How do I prep a new Lee Valley jack plane?
00:44:05 – What are your thoughts on the SawStop?
00:45:30 – What’s the better natural finish on white oak? General Finishes High Performance or Endurovar?
00:46:48 – What’s a “condor tail”?


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