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Ask TWW - March 12, 2021

00:00:40 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:25 – Thanks to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:02:25 – New RGB gaming desk video!
00:05:52 – How can I stabilize punky wood?
00:06:40 – Are bow tie splines necessary for stabilizing cracks?
00:07:10 – Circle templates in stock!
00:09:15 – Coupon code for Total Boat!
00:10:15 – Does your recommendation on waiting until buying still stand with current backorders?
00:13:05 – Is there a concern for not finishing the inside of drawers?
00:14:25 – How much more mileage do you get out of Rubio vs teak oil?
00:16:23 – What Rubio do you use?
00:17:25 – How much snow are you expected to get this weekend?
00:18:18 – How can I drill a hole in a board thicker than my drill press travel?
00:19:44 – What type of glue do you use when you use a vacuum bag?
00:22:07 – Do you ever use CA glue as a temporary hold when gluing things in place?
00:24:15 – What finish would you recommend for a bed made out of maple?
00:25:45 – Did you do any soundproofing in your shop?
00:29:48 – Do I need to worry about oil from finish leeching from frames onto artwork?
00:31:30 – 3D printed object showcase!
00:33:28 – How do you remove the replaceable top from your outfeed assembly table?
00:32:25 – Are you going to AWFS if it happens?
00:35:30 – What 3D printer did you end up getting?
00:36:18 – How’s the bandsaw blade working out?
00:37:00 – Is there a follow-up to some shop projects you’ve done?
00:40:20 – What router do you have in your router table?
00:41:00 – Do you plan to do any more classes with William Ng?
00:43:00 – What happened to Porter Cable routers?
00:44:55 – Is the Wood Whisperer available on Amazon Prime in Canada?
00:45:20 – What do you think about Felder?


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