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Ask TWW - April 2, 2021

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00:00:35 – Welcome back to the Woodworking Morning Show
00:01:38 – Schedule Change Announcement!
00:02:45 – New iPhone holder project!
00:04:17 – Block plane tune-up video Find new videos on our Amazon Store
00:07:07 – Do you ever use quick-change collets for your routers?
00:08:03 – Giveaway today! Use the code MARC25 at https://parcilsafety.com/ until April 16th for 25% your order
00:08:40 – Thanks to our Patreon and YouTube members
h00:10:20 – Is a parallelogram jointer worth the upgrade?
00:12:55 – Are quick-change collets standard?
00:13:20 – Is prefinished plywood ok for cabinets?
00:14:00 – What are your favorite router accessories?
00:15:30 – Which three furniture designers would you take to dinner?
00:18:05 – How can I design a pizza “rocker” cutter with a wooden handle to be safe to use?
00:18:53 – Powermatic’s 100 year anniversary!
00:20:25 – Is pre-primed pine ok for a face frame for cabinets?
00:22:50 – What order do you suggest buying the “big ticket” items for woodworking?
00:26:52 – Is there any sag on your router table due to the weight of the router?
00:29:00 – Did you finish your blacker house chair?
00:30:04 – Is the dado stack a safe tool to use?
00:31:10 – What’s a good 3M filter for paint? or these
00:33:10 – Giveaway time from Parcil Safety!
Use the code MARC25 until April 16th for 25% your order
00:42:40 – Congratulations!
00:43:30 – What is the dumbest mistake you’ve recently made?

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