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Ask TWW - April 9, 2021

00:00:48 – Welcome back to the Wood Whisperer Live Show
00:01:10 – Thank you to our Patreon and YouTube members!
00:01:45 – Nicole’s blanket ladder video!

Build a Blanket Ladder with Nicole | Great for Beginners!

00:03:05 – “Little and Often” book
00:05:30 – What do you keep your hands from drying out?
00:08:03 – Do you prefer shellac or varnish?
00:09:05 – What is your order of operations for creating a waterfall joint?
00:10:45 – Where do you order your Rubio online?
00:12:07 – Can you make a video on an uplifted dog feeder?
00:12:40 – What advice would you give someone before building built-in cabinets?
00:14:40 – What do Europeans use to cut dados without dado stacks?
00:16:13 – What’s the next beginner’s project?
00:17:07 – Would you go with carbide tools or traditional tools for turning tools?
00:20:43 – How would you finish a maple dining room table?
00:22:10 – Do you use steel wool on your last coats of finishes?
00:26:00 – What features or price points determine quality entry-level HVLP systems?
00:30:17 – How do you check the straightness of a straight edge?
00:33:55 – How can I adjust the belt on my Supermax belt sander?
00:35:50 – How can I ebonize ash?
00:37:00 – What are the chances of a welder getting into the WoodWhisperer shop?
00:39:03 – Is it stupid to make a raised panel door with plywood strips?
00:40:37 – Any filler recommendations for plywood edges?
00:41:28 – Any ways to prevent oils from differing woods contaminating each other?
00:43:02 – Are all long grain to long grain joints good glue joints?
00:44:35 – What’s a decent budget filtration setup?
00:46:40 – Where would you recommend a beginner woodworker start?
00:51:20 – Do you have any bandsaw blade recommendations?
00:52:20 – Have you done a video on compound miter frames?
00:55:28 – Do you think you could do the RGB gaming desktop for the executive desk?
00:59:10 – How can I remove the snipe on my jointer?
00:59:58 – How do you like your Mirka sander?

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