Outfeed Assembly Table | Functional & Gorgeous

Video - February 17, 2021

The History

A project like this Outfeed Assembly Table makes me realize just how long I’ve been doing this whole woodworking thing. I’ve had multiple assembly and outfeed tables throughout the years. Here are the links to the old versions:

Because I’m now in a smaller shop, I thought it would be best to design a table that served double duty, providing ample room for table saw support and plenty of real estate for assembling my projects. The icing on the cake is the thoughtfully-designed base with plenty of storage and an integrated shelf for your favorite table saw sled.

The Plans

If you like what you see here and you want to purchase the plan, you can do that here. The plan is offered in both Imperial and Metric.


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Recommended Tools
Track Saw or Circular Saw, Table Saw, Router, Flush Trim Bit, Dado Stack, Miter Gauge, Bandsaw, Drill


Recommended Hardware

Other Stuff I Used

Materials List

  • 5BF (20% has been added) – 4/4 Hardwood Species 1
  • 10 BF (20% has been added) – 4/4 Hardwood Species 2
  • Please note that I used a couple different species of hardwood in my build but you can use only one if you like.
  • 4 Sheets – 3/4″ Plywood
  • 2 Sheets – 1/2″ Plywood


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