Paul’s Tall Case Clock

Viewer Project - By Paul Hubbard from Rescue, CA
Added on October 25, 2015

I have been working on this project for several years. I purchased a set of plans that were part of a kit. After learning more about the Arts & Crafts style, I decided that I did not care for the plans that I had. I was unable to find a set of plans that matched the look I was going for. So I created my own plans in SketchUp. I really enjoyed the creative process involved in doing my own plans. I modeled my clock largely off of a version produced by L&JG Stickley.

The clock is made from quartersawn white oak. The two front stiles have been mitered so that I would have quartersawn grain on two adjacent faces. The clock also features inset doors and through tenons on the front. I started the finishing process with my own formula of Transtint dyes followed by a coat of gel stain. The top coat is four applications of a wipe-on urethane.

Building this clock was a true labor of love that I hope will be enjoyed by many generations to come.


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