Michael’s Pie Safe

Viewer Project - By Michael Owens from MO
Added on October 22, 2015

I began this project when I asked my son Nathanael what he and his future wife Pam would like for their wedding gift. He said that he would like a pie safe like the one I made for his mother about twenty years ago. Well the plans for that project was lost a long time ago. So I found a new set of plans and modified it. Knowing how much they both enjoyed fishing, I made a new plan to make the punched tin panels reflective of their interest. We worked together on this pie safe as a family project. Each of us played a role. Pam punched the tins, Nathanael helped with the assembly, Josh cut out some of the wood and purchased the new router bits that I did not have in my shop. Charity helped me find and make the tin punch patterns, Caleb also bought some equipment. In all, it took our family about six months to complete this project.


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