Duplo/Lego Coffee Table

Viewer Project - By Nik Brown from Canton, OH
Added on October 15, 2015

I recently finished the coffee table I’ve been working on for the basement. A rustic arts and crafts style with a bit of Asian influence. Made out of black walnut.

This was supposed to be a super quick project…but I couldn’t resist throwing in some exposed joinery and a little bit of a live edge (I figure I have to look at this coffee table for probably the rest of my life, I may as well throw in some design features that make me happy :).

My 2 year old really loves her Duplos and their home seems to have landed in the basement, since during the Summer and it’s nice and cool down there and we had just finished remodeling it. I worked in some hidden storage and a play surface. When she graduates from Duplos to Legos all I have to do is undo 6 screws and flip the play surface.


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