Gadget Station-Inspired Crib

Viewer Project - By Matt Herbig from Marquette, MI
Added on August 20, 2015

This crib was designed and built for our first child. I wanted to do something special and meaningful that would last longer than baby clothes and stuff like that.

The legs are inspired by Marc’s Gadget Station. I loved the design and thought they would look nice scaled up. The legs are 12/4 stock, and everything else was resawn from 8/4 stock. I wanted to try doing more resawing to reduce wasted wood due to planing and I was very happy with the results. the slats are just over 3/8″ thick, the stretchers are 3/4″, and the top rails and side legs are about 1 1/4″. This is a transitional crib, so it goes from a crib, to toddler/daybed, to full size bed. All hard maple with a shellac and waterlox finish.

Thanks to Marc and his family for everything. You teach and inspire me with everything you do. Thank you!


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