Tom’s Command Center

Viewer Project - By Tom Pritchard from Madison, IN
Added on August 24, 2015

A co-worker asked if I would be interested in making some type of “Command Center” of sorts for his church to keep their video and sound system equipment. As you can see, they were using a folding table. Two things they wanted, something that looked nice and would provide some security for the components. (Keep the kids from turning knobs)

After measuring each component’s overall size, I went to work with Sketch-up. Originally we were going to paint it, but after I found out that Birch plywood was about the same cost as Oak plywood, we decided to go with the Oak. With buying Oak timber from the local saw mill I got started. This unit’s overall size is 28”H x 30”D and 60”L. All but the inner shelf is Oak.
The Sketch-up design I show demos’ how the front door opens and swings out of the way. Plus the roll top view of the control panel. Not shown in that picture is a drawer I added for storage. The other picture showing the unfinished opened view helps explain too.

This project challenged me in several ways, This was the first time I made a tambour roll top. It was also the first time using edge banding as well as the first time I used my HVLP sprayer with semi-gloss polyurethane. Even with several blemishes with the banding and some in the finish, I was very pleased. On the roll top I started to use the cable system and was not happy with the tightness of the segments. I ended up using canvas. That worked out well.


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