Eddie’s Guitar Stand

Viewer Project - By Eddie Elizondo from Friendswood, TX
Added on August 17, 2015

This is the second guitar stand that I have made. The first one was made of Maple with purple heart accent. The current project is walnut with purple heart accent. It is a bent lamination project and I guess you could say it is 2.0 version. I made some improvements from the prototype and it is significantly better. Working out the curves and angles took some playing around with, but the result was much better. I used four strips of Walnut and one strip of purple heart 1/8 inch thick. The lengths vary, depending on the size of the guitar. I rounded out pretty much all of the edges with a 1/8 router bit and then assembled everything. The piece where I connected all of the pieces together at the bottom was given some personality by using a 1/2 inch cove bit.

And then the sanding began. Although I did do some pre-sanding, the real work started after it was all put together. Sanding took into account how it all flowed. Once the sanding was done, I attached the leather pieces with contact cement, being careful not to get it on the leather or wood. I then applied five coats of tung oil, buffing in each coat to a high shine. The final finish looks great.


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