Thickness Tapers, Shelves, & Assembly | Nicole’s Desk Pt. 2

Video - August 28, 2020

The desk has two shelves that span the distance between the front and rear legs and they are held in place with a dado. We’ll make that dado using a miter gauge and a dado stack at the table saw. From there we’ll thin the legs with a nice taper using a shop-made sled and the planer.

Assembly starts with a sub-assembly of the inner drawer compartment structure. Once that’s complete, we can attach the legs. You really need to be careful with this glueup and as you’ll see, even though I thought I was fully prepared, I still screwed something up. Glueups always keep you on your toes.

The shelves are going to be made from white oak and will serve as a nice complementary color and grain with the walnut. The white oak panels are carefully cut to size so they fit between the walnut legs when resting in the dadoes.

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  • 0:00 – Leg Dados
  • 2:53 – Thickness Taper
  • 7:23 – Sanding & Roundovers
  • 8:00 – Inner Frame Assembly
  • 10:17 – Shelves
  • 16:42 – Shelf Glueup
  • 18:29 – Base Glueup

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