After 20 years of Powermatic, I Bought a Sawstop! | First Impressions

Video - March 4, 2022

If you follow me on social media, this will come as no surprise: I bought a SawStop! This comes after 20 years of using Powermatic table saws, exclusively. After losing Powermatic as a sponsor, it was time to re-evaluate my table saw situation. I’ve always been intrigued by SawStop technology but due to my sponsorship, having one in my shop wasn’t in the cards. So let me be perfectly clear about something. I still hold the opinion that a SawStop is not necessary if one is diligent about table saw safety. And I also still hold the opinion that Powematic makes some of the best table saws available. These two opinions are not mutually exclusive.

So as you can imagine, this review offers only on single perspective from a long-time user of Powermatic saws. Everything I look at on this Sawstop will be viewed through a Powermatic lens. Will it perform as well as my PM2000? Is it as heavy duty? Did I lose anything with this change? Will I ultimately regret it or did Sawstop knock it out of the park? Time will tell. But for now, this video gives you my first impressions.


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