How to Build the Best Alternative to a Traditional Dining Table

Video - March 11, 2022

This video was sponsored by the fine folks at Get Back Inc.

Dining tables have gotten boring. I’ve built quite a few tables over the years and the formula is always the same: a table with four legs and some chairs around it. I think it’s time for the dining table to receive a solid upgrade and wouldn’t it be nice if the “chairs” were actually part of the structure? Today I’m going to show you How to Build the Best Alternative to a Traditional Dining Table using a Swing-Out Seat Table Hardware Kit from Get Back Inc.

This is a great DIY woodworking project for anyone looking to make their own custom-built kitchen/dining table or even an outdoor picnic/patio table. It’s the perfect project for weekend warriors and advanced craftsman alike because this kit includes all of the hardware you’ll need, plus an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide. So If you want to create a great looking, durable, and versatile table for all your friends and family to enjoy, this is it! My family and I have been using our table for over 6 months and every time we have friends over, conversation always turns to the the Get Back Swing-Out Seat Table. The seats are comfortable, sturdy and when not in use they tuck away giving the table a surprisingly small footprint given the impressive scale of the hardware.

Best of all, IT WILL last a lifetime, with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Check it out at


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