Advanced Domino Action | Leg Shaping, Side Glueups and More Joinery | Sideboard Series Pt 4

Video - December 8, 2023

In this part of the sideboard series we’ll shape the legs by adding a nice decorative taper. There are lots of ways to cut tapers but one of my favorites is by using the Taper Maker, a jig you can make yourself using our hardware kit and plans. After that it’s time for some advanced Domino action.

Advanced Domino Action

With the legs shaped, we can glue up the sides as sub-assemblies and then dig into some advanced domino action. The Festool Domino is incredibly easy to use and for the most part I find it very intuitive. But things get tricky when you need to cut mortises into a long or wide face and sometimes we need to get creative with shims and spacers in order to achieve repeatability and consistency. The goal here is to create a series of mortise and tenon joints that will not only hold our top and bottom frames in place, but will also locate them perfectly. Curious to hear from you folks what kind of advanced domino action you’ve done.

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