Nate’s Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Nate Jorgenson from Wyoming
Added on April 10, 2011

My shop is a decent size but I wish I had more space. Its just a hobby shop, but someday I hope to make a little $$$ with all the tools I have. I recently upgraded the shop with some new machinery and 200 amp electrical service to power them. All machinery is Laguna, except for the table saw and small dust collector which is Woodtek. I have a 16HD band saw, 16? 5hp planer, 8? 3hp jointer, 12? 5hp table saw, 3hp cyclone dust collector and a 1.5hp dust collector.

Festool is my new found choice for portable power tools so I?ve added a few of those too! I?ve spent countless hours arranging and rearranging, making shop modifications, a few new jigs and accessories, and putting in a wood stove to heat it. It?s soooo cold in Wyoming!!! I hope to start on some new projects soon now that I?ve got the shop the way I want it, for now anyway!!! The assembly table is still in the works, doors and drawer fronts to come soon. Thanks Marc for a great website and all the tutorials!!!


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