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Shop Tour - Submitted by PickeringMike
Added on March 28, 2011

Here’s my shop for posting should it be worthy having just done a clean-up and rearranging the layout. (we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!) … ahem, sorry about the Wayne’s World moment.

My shop is a single car garage 12′ x 26′. A bit longer than a standard 1 car garage, but a little on the narrow side, but we all work with what we’re given eh? I have to share the garage with some other domestic stuff (garden/lawn equipment, bikes etc.) and in the winter, my wife is currently still wanting to ‘share’ the garage. Seeing as I don’t have a proper dust collection system in place yet, we’ll see how that works for her ;-P

I’m just getting started this year into woodworking (The shaker table was my first completed project) and have a mastercraft 10″ TS and the rest of my tools are benchtop models (Ryobi planer & mitre saw, Craftsman drillpress, delta bandsaw). I have invested in a couple of decent hand planes (Veritas) though.

This year I want to make a proper workbench as the I’m currently using 3/4″ plywood on 2 sawhorsed. I have 2 separate sheets so that I can remove one and step into use one that I made into a makeshift router table. The project on the bench is a Slat style clock that I’m working on as a wedding present for my cousin.


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