Corey’s Dream Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Corey Goulet from Calahoo, Alberta, Canada
Added on April 15, 2011

I read Marc’s article about moving back to his old shop, and I couldn’t help feeling a little zealous. That’s because I built my dream shop in early 2010 and was then transferred for work from Western to Eastern Canada. Fortunately, I built it on my parents property where my wife and I intend to retire, but I don’t get to use it very often at this time.

The shop (26 feet by 36 feet) occupies half of the main floor of a Ponderosa pine barn that I built on the property in 2009. The remainder of the main floor of the barn is a metal and car shop and in the loft there is a one bedroom suite and a large party area.

Features include: 12 foot ceiling; six 3 foot by 3 foot windows for plenty of natural light; infloor heating; sliding doors and loading dock to move wood in and project pieces out; built-in air supplied by a 5 HP stationary compressor; 6 inch galvanized steel vacuum piping; and purpose-installed electrical system.

I upgraded and purchased almost all of my power tools from Grizzly in the Fall of 2009 which includes:
– 5 HP 12 inch G0605X Table Saw with tool boxes
– 3HP 19 inch G0514X2B Band Saw
– 3 HP 8 inch G0490X Jointer
– 5 HP 20 inch G0454Z Planer
– 3 HP G1026 Shaper
– 3/4 HP G1495 Lathe
– 1 HP G0610 Dovetail Machine
– 1 1/2 HP 20 inch G7948 Drill Press
– 5 HP 24 inch G1066Z Drum Sander
– 3/4 HP G1014ZX Combination Sander
– 1 1/2 HP G1140 Edge Sander
– 1 HP G1071 Oscillating Spindle Sander
– 2 Hp G0532 Spray Booth
– 2 HP G4814 Mortise Machine
– 5 HP Cyclone Dust Collector
– 3/4 HP 12 inch Dewault Mitre Saw

There are numerous other power and hand tools as you might imagine.

I haven’t had the opportunity to run all the equipment through the paces since I have been using the shop to finish the barn and not build too much furniture. I’ve also got a few more tools to purchase including a track saw, domino cutter, and portable dust collector.

I can hardly wait to move back like Marc has done. There is no place like home and a great shop!


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