James’ New Zealand Wood Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by James Gardiner from Whangarei, New Zealand
Added on November 14, 2012

Hey guys! I’m 17 and live in New Zealand. Woodworking is my MAJOR hobby and I’ve been into it since I was about 10. I’ve been collecting quality tools for the last 3 years! Marc has been a great inspiration to me :) Here’s my shop!

The shop itself is in a room attached to the garage. It’s 2m x 2m (6.5ft x 6.5ft). Inside is a wall of clamps, most are Irwin. I have my workbench with two vices and underneath are my power tools. I have a Makita chainsaw, Hitachi circular saw, Bosch jigsaw, Makita finishing sander, biscuit jointer, Makita and Hitachi planers, Hitachi belt sander, Makita and Dewalt routers and laminate trimmer, Aeg recip saw, Makita die grinder, Bosch multi tool, Bosch angle grinders, Dewalt cordless circular saw, and dremel, and my Festool collection comprising of ps300 barrel grip jigsaw, cxs drill, and ets 150/3 sander.

Above the bench are nails and screws, etc. and a plane and card scraper rack thingy. To the right is my drill charging station, home to my Festool cxs, Bosch impact driver and drill and Dewalt hammer drill ( which I found :D). Along the side of the garage are my larger machines: Dewalt thicknesser, Dewalt 12″ bandsaw, Trupro 6″ jointer and a Makita mitre saw. They are all on wheels for easy movement. All of my tools are of good quality, i.e., Bosch Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi, Veritas and Festool (I’m fussy like that!).

I included a picture of my latest project (blanket box) made from purple heart, macrocarpa and wenge! Hope you like it!!! And I just wanna say I love Marc and his videos. I’ve seen every one and he has inspired me in making my own projects to a high standard, not to mention he’s very talented and funny :) Cheers!


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