Scott’s Garage Shop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Scott Sandine from Santa Rosa, CA
Added on November 25, 2012

This is my Northern California workshop in my home’s garage. My main occupation is a Firefighter/Ladder Truck driver in San Francisco, but my hobby/obsession/side job is woodworker. My wife and I have a business making a product we designed and patented for the quilting industry that keeps my tool collection alive. We sell our product online, at trade shows and in catalogs.

My workshop size is approximately 480 square feet in a generously wide two car garage. The first picture is one of my favorite tools, my Saw Stop. I waited years to purchase this and because of its safety features, it was easier to justify to the wife-–and was a nice business write-off. Still didn’t stop me from almost losing my fingertip last year, but I was cleaning a metal shearer and it sprang back, no fault of the Saw Stop-–but the docs sewed it back on-–good as new!

The second picture is of my Jet Shaper with Power Feeder. I bought this at a going out of business sale at a very nice price and brought it back to good use again. Picture 3 is an outside look into the shop-–sorry no more parking in here! The fourth picture is the side of my shop that houses my Hollow Chisel Mortiser, Sanding Center, Band saw, Router Table (I made using a New Yankee Workshop plan), Kapex (and a CT22) and Dust Collection unit.

In picture #5 you see the back far wall which is home to a wall mounted tool chest that I made from a New Yankee workshop plan. Also on the back wall are my three Festool Sortainers, one holding the all-important first aid kit, essential for every workshop!

The sixth shot is the other side wall that has my workshop hutch I made using a New Yankee Workshop plan. On it is my drill press and it also holds my various workshop necessities-–sandpaper, small tools, plans, etc. The next photo is of my main work surface based on the Wood Whisperer’s assembly table. Next to it is my planer and Festool CT33 with boom arm. I use this for many of my Festool products. At the far end of the garage is my drum sander.

The last pic is of my loyal shop assistant, Rex, our Golden Retriever. He is my workshop companion and when he is not in the house getting warm or wanting to play fetch, he is there just hanging out! My future plan for my workshop is to upgrade the electric and to keep pace with my past record of acquiring a new tool with each project!


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