Greg’s Garage Workshop

Shop Tour - Submitted by Greg
Added on April 22, 2010

This shop is in a one car garage set off from the main 2 car garage. I added a door between the two to keep dust (and heat) contained in the shop portion. This is what it looks like between major projects, after all of the flat surfaces have been cleared of the tools, sandpaper, wood scraps, finish containers and all the miscellaneous stuff that accumulates during a project.

The equipment has been acquired over many years, some items are replacements of early items (Craftsman Hybrid table saw to replace original Ryobi, Dewalt planer to replace original Delta) and some have been in the shop quite a while (Delta drill press and small jointer). The dust collection system was upgraded a couple years ago and really creates a much more pleasant (and safer) work environment, it goes to all major tools and can connect to the random orbit sander as well.

Over the past couple of years I built new cabinet bases for many of the tools, trying to find logical groupings of tools to share a base (drill press/jointer, planer/miter saw) and all on wheels so they can be tucked away when not needed. The large white built-in cabinets hold finishing supplies, hardware, hand tools (jig saw, biscuit cutter, drills etc).

The main limit of the shop size is dealing with larger stock – ripping an 8 foot board is a bit of a challenge requiring moving the table saw and working with full plywood panels requires rough cuts with a circular saw to get down to sizes the can be managed on the table saw without a large in or out feed surface. But I am not complaining – I know I am fortunate to have this much space to work with, less than some, but more than most.


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