Using a Miter Saw & Stationary Sanders

Ask TWW - April 21, 2017

Today we’ll talk about the proper way to use a miter saw as well as my favorite stationary sanders. Of course we also have the usual Q&A. Here’s the rundown:

2:10 – New Patreon supporters
3:10 – New Patreon supporter goal –
6:02 – Guild chair project update
6:58 – Marc and Nicole are going to be at AWFS
7:23 – Should I get a 2″ or 1.25″ spiral flush trim bit? What about up or down cut?
9:34 – Is it a bad idea to use water based polyurethane indoors?
11:14 – Nicole did some turning last week
13:35 – What kind of power sanders do you use the most often?
16:14 – Should I buy a trim or plunge router first? What about cordless vs corded.
19:00 – What’s the best way to paint MDF? Durham’s Water Putty
20:38 – How can I get dust and particles off plywood before painting?
22:15 – What’s the best way to make a crosscut when the piece is too wide to use a miter gauge?
24:28 – Am I supposed to pull the saw through a cut using a sliding miter saw or only push through the cut?
27:47 – What is a good finish for an exterior planter?
29:47 – Would you use teak oil in an outdoor project again?
30:29 – Have you ever seen a need for zero clearance bandsaw inserts?
32:17 – Do I want plywood or solid lumber for a counter top?
35:00 – How do you do super chats?
35:20 – Do you have a video for thinning finish for wiping?
36:47 – What is the maximum thickness you can expect from 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 material?
38:19 – Will wood counters still be high maintenance if you used an Epifanes finish and didn’t cut on them?
40:32 – How hard would it be to adjust the gaming table dimensions in the guild?
41:46 – Have you made any jigs you continue to use often?
42:19 – Do you clean your brushes or toss them?
42:42 – Should I start with loose or traditional mortise and tenons?
43:35 – Do I need three phase power in my shop?
43:51 – How do you overcome glue up anxiety?
45:06 – Would you consider doing a guitar build for the guild?
47:40 – Guild project winner


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