Home-Based Business & Technique or Project Classes

Ask TWW - May 5, 2017

Today we’re talking about home-based businesses, whether you should take project or technique-focused classes, as well and all of your questions. Here’s the rundown:

1:52 – Patreon Supporters
2:45 – New PM Edition goal
3:30 – A couple of thank yous
4:28 – Garrett’s Charity Ride – https://www.facebook.com/thelongestroad2017
6:11 – Fuji spray sponsoring this month’s giveaway
7:28 – What grinds Marc’s gears – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVsUA5uC__4
8:31 – How long do you wait to apply finishes on two sides of a panel?
10:55 – Did you have an issue setting up your business in your house?
12:30 – Do you know the quick and easy way to determine when blades are dull?
14:23 – When putting glass in a project, how do you finish around glass panels?
15:30 – Do you prefer project or technique based classes?
17:40 – Are parallel clamps worth the extra money over pipe clamps?
20:16 – Solid or semi-solid stain for outdoor cedar furniture?
22:00 – Marc gives into the waffle goodness!
22:08 – What do you miss from working in Bio-technology?
23:36 – Have you done a follow-up to your shellac under poly test?
25:47 – Have you ever done a session on selecting a hardwood veneer panel?
27:30 – What’s the number one rule when moving your shop?
28:29 – What is the best way to seal a redwood garden bench?
30:33 – Are there any autographed Hybrid Woodworking books available?
31:41 – What are your most practical uses for wood hand screw clamps?
33:02 – Is there a project you’d like to complete just to learn a new skill?
34:50 – Cool drawing tools
35:48 – What tool do you regret buying the most?
36:08 – Marc’s baby Cremona
37:06 – Would multiple dowels be sufficient for a leg to apron joint on a table?
39:30 – Guild project winner
40:06 – Donating blood is good!


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