Metric Chisels & Fearful Woodworking – Friday Live!

Ask TWW - April 14, 2017

Today we’re talking about why I think most woodworkers should buy Metric chisels and we’ll try to help someone work through their fears after a near-mishap in the shop. Of course we have the usual Q&A too. Here’s the rundown:

0:58 – Marc’s getting old tomorrow
1:52 – Wood Whisperer Community Page –
3:25 – Wood Whisperer Newsletter –
4:28 – Outdoor table refinishing update
6:06 – How do you keep your boards flat during glue ups?
7:49 – Would you prioritize F style or Parallel clamps first?
8:16 – Can you recommend a good moisture meter?
9:10 – Which chisel sizes would you start with when beginning?
12:29 – What the best sanding approach to sanding spindles or oddly shaped pieces?
14:28 – Any tips on getting over a close call in the shop?
15:58 – What’s your opinion on multi vs single use tools? What about one off jigs?
18:19 – Is there a reliable way to flatten an 8′ long bowed board?
20:24 – Can you tell Emily she needs to spend more time in the shop with Derek?
21:42 – How do you bend wood that’s too thick to laminate?
22:30 – Is Nicole ready to turn yet?
22:49 – Marc was on Reclaimed Audio –
25:38 – How and how often do you clean your rasps?
27:36 – What’s a good way to cut rabbets without a tablesaw?
28:35 – Do you know any resources to learn about common furniture styles?
30:13 – Do you enjoy cooking? Who’s the better cook and what’s your favorite recipe?
34:16 – When using epoxy as a finish, should I expect an uneven surface?
35:47 – How can I make a chessboard with a mitered frame without worrying about wood movement splitting the frame?
38:08 – What do you think of pigging out BBQ?
40:20 – Opinion on Kobalt power tools?
40:58 – How often do you run your dust collector?
41:30 – Can you give some information on screws?
42:25 – Have you ever tried Schwarz’s soap finishing technique?
42:44 – How do you properly setup a Byrd Shelix cutterhead?
43:25 – Should I sharpen jointer blades or buy new ones?
43:50 – Is a card scraper essential? What shape should I get?
44:40 – Should I sell my power tools while I’m deployed or just put them in storage?
46:12 – Where do you pick up hardware for a curved drawer front?
46:57 – Why don’t you wear your shop apron in your videos?
51:00 – Address for Marc and Nicole Mail: 5856 S Lowell Blvd. Unit #32 #107 Littleton, CO 80123
51:30 – Project Winner
52:25 – VSC Tools Giveaway –
52:50 – Patreon Supporters


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