Friday Live! – Trestle Table Preview

Ask TWW - February 17, 2017

Today I’ll give you a little SketchUp preview of the upcoming Trestle Table build and we’ll also discover my increasingly-common problem of forgetting to zip my fly. Here’s the rundown!

0:28 – Check out Wood Talk!
1:36 – Slab coffee table video released today 
2:18 – New clamp racks
5:35 – Marc & Nicole’s Valentine’s Day activities
5:52 – Trestle Table Preview
10:22 – Will you be using the thread taps on the top?
16:08 – Marc will be hanging out with Alex Snodgrass this summer.
18:00 – YouTube Superchat
18:44 – Can a shoulder plane be replaced by a rabbeting block plane? Check out Hybrid Woodworking 
21:00 – Marc can’t figure out why his zipper is always down.
25:47 – Should the blade on my new band saw cut fast?
26:45 – How do you stay focused on projects?
29:22 – Does the speed of the jointer cutter head make a difference in cut?
30:22 – What is the best way to keep tight joints on a wide miter?
32:23 – Do you know if hobbyists are allowed to attend the AWFS show (or other trade shows)?
33:33 – How do I explain to my wife that I don’t have enough clamps?
35:10 – Do you have experience with carbide tipped forstner bits?
36:10 – Is a bandsaw an important tool to have in the shop, and do you sharpen or replace band saw blades?
38:25 – Have you ever had a dislodged band saw tire?
39:00 – How can I prevent my wife from misusing my tools?
41:17 – When are you losing the beard?
42:30 – When wet sanding with a sander, does the liquid get sucked into the sander?
44:15 – What sharpening system do you use? My Sharpening System
44:34 – Why didn’t you go with the infrared heater in your shop? Shop Heating Options
44:48 – Tormek, workshop, or whe(a)tstones for sharpening chisels?
46:20 – Is there a Guild only forum to look through? Here’s the Facebook Group
48:20 – Any chance for a barn door build in the future?
50:10 – Patreon Update Thanks – Support us on Patreon!
51:00 – Do you suffer from hand numbness when working in the shop?


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