Friday Live! Bandsaw Blades & Jointers

Ask TWW - February 24, 2017

Today we discuss bandsaw blade options as well as jointer cutterheads. Of course we have tons of Q&A as well. Here’s the rundown:

1:52 – Why Marc’s beard is gone.

3:17 – New patreon reward levels –
4:08 – Metric thread taps are now available –
6:52 – Trestle table progress update
7:38 – Tool post-move accuracy update
10:05 – What types of bandsaw blades are you using and how do you store them?
13:28 – Is it really worth it for a hobbyist to buy a carbide blade on the bandsaw?
14:50 – Are the tables on your bandsaws the same height?
15:12 – How do you decide on the size of blade for cutting curves on the bandsaw?
17:33 – What’s the best way to fix a warped panel glue up?
19:36 – What are your thoughts on using a blade dampener with a thin kerf blade?
20:55 – Is horizontal or vertical wood storage better?
22:25 – Is it better to rebuild/rehab planes or to buy newly manufactured planes?
23:51 – Any advice on buying new tools vs rehabbing old ones?
25:23 – Do you like spiral or straight blade jointers (or planers)?
27:10 – What wood species would be better for a cutting board?
28:36 – Do you have a video on sharpening a forstner bit?
29:07 – Can you elaborate on the best way to get good rip cuts on the tablesaw?
31:04 – What podcast was Nicole featured on recently?
32:05 – Any reason you can’t use the wwthreadtaps on non-ferrous metals?
32:47 – Do you have to be a guild member to buy the taps?
33:18 – Can you do a review of the Multirouter?
33:44 – How Marc deals with negative feedback on videos.
38:55 – Have you done an office desk project yet?
40:04 – Do you have any recommendations to stretch the platform bed width for a California King mattress?
41:00 – What was your first wood project & do you still have it?
42:16 – What’s the difference between wwtaps and a regular machine tap? –
44:46 – Patreon Thanks


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