Friday Live! – Leveling Chair Legs

Ask TWW - March 3, 2017

Today I answer a question about leveling chair legs as well as a bunch of other Q&A. Don’t forget you can help support the show on Patreon! Here’s the rundown.

0:40 – Giveaway winners

1:30Guild member discount at Oneida 

4:39 – Woodworkers Fighting Cancer update –
6:30 – Patreon reward coins came in this week.
7:08 – How do I level a project with 4 legs?
12:40 – How are the Jet 18-36 drum sanders in regards quality?
14:14 / 19:02 – How do I deal with arguing quality vs cost with my spouse?
15:30 – Nicole tells Marc her deep dark secret.
16:22 – Any advice for someone getting started and tackling their first major project?
20:55 – Does birch go well with maple?
22:25 – After using a tung oil blend on wenge I have to wipe excess oil off for several hours, is this normal?
24:00 – Have you ever used router bits in a shaper?
26:58 – What brand of CA glue do you use?
27:37 – Have you used the beard friendly dust mask yet?
30:22 – Any advice adding an extension fence to a miter saw?
33:17 – How do I deal with family members who expect full access to my shop?
36:01 – What are your thoughts on a combo jointer/planer as a save spacer in a small shop?
37:09 – What should I get after the table saw? Drill or Band saw?
40:21 – Patreon thanks.
41:02 – Trestle table video part 1 update.


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