Friday Live! – Thread Tap Demo & Jet vs Bessey Parallel Clamps

Ask TWW - February 10, 2017

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2:06 – Special Guest Millie
3:00 – Patreon Update
3:30/5:00 – Wood Whisperer Taps
4:27 – Denver Maker Meetup Group Info 
5:30 – Thread Tap Demo
6:40 – Does the speed of tapping have to be slow?
7:52 – Are you going to make dies to match the taps?
11:33 – Do the taps come in metric?
15:00 – How durable are the threads? Will they wear over time?
16:51 – Do you get access to the guild if you pre-order with the bed project?
17:07 – Marc is a sway-er.
18:40 – Differences between end grain and long grain tapping?
20:32 – What’s your opinion on parallel clamps these days?
24:04 – How far off the floor are you shop windows? Do you like the location and the light they bring in?
27:13 – Which furniture styles go best in modern homes?
29:29 – Can you show some details about your clamp rack?
31:21 – When making cabinet shelves do you only put edge banding on the front?
31:58 – Which style of spray gun is better for spraying: Bleeder gun or Non Bleeder gun
33:58 – Should I run filtration through the slab floor of my shop?
36:11 – Who is your favorite Avenger?
36:25 – How can I best build the Roubo on limited working time when it comes to wood movement after milling?
38:30 – What woodworking shows would be best to see if you had two weeks to travel?
41:10 – Best way to care for tools when it comes to long term storage?
42:13 – Do you recommend good stopping points in your projects?
42:52 – How do I find offcuts videos on Facebook?
43:33 – Next shop upgrade? Dust collection plumbing or 8” jointer?
44:35 – Where do you get Marc’s shirts?
44:54 – How long do you normally have to wait for epoxy to dry?
46:12 – Do the guild projects have recommended tool lists to look at before you buy?
47:12 – Do you ever do scroll saw projects?
48:06 – I can’t seem to get my table saw blade to 90 degrees, any idea why?
48:52 – Tips on cutting plywood without a tablesaw.
50:15 – Where are you going to do your spraying in the winter?
50:50 – Are you changing band saw blade preferences with your new saw?
51:50 – Would you still remove the safety guards from your tools if you weren’t recording video?
54:43 – Is there a better way to insulate garage doors that you still have to use?
55:38 – Shepherd’s Pie or Cottage Pie?
56:22 – Patreon Sponsors


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