Friday Live! – Refinishing Risks & Negotiating Shop Time

Ask TWW - February 3, 2017

Today we discuss the risks of refinishing veneered furniture as well as negotiating shop time with family. Of course we also have a bunch of Q&A. Let’s do this!

1:27Patreon Update

1:52New Guild Early Bird Bundle

2:55 – Guild Discounts

4:10 – Phase 1 Shop Update Complete.

4:40 – New Videos this week (Lighting and Acoustic Panels)

5:18 – Denver Maker Meetup

5:56 – Thanks to the KC Woodworker’s Guild

6:44 – I want to spray clear lacquer, how many stages should I look for in an HVLP?

7:37This Month’s Giveaway

8:36 – How would you strip paint off a large chest of drawers?

11:06 – Do I really need a 4” main if all my tools have 2.5” fittings?

12:20 – Should I upgrade my table saw, buy a band saw, or upgrade power?

14:52 – How do you find time outside of regular working hours to work in the shop when you have kids?

17:30 – What is the first project you’re going to do in the new shop? & When will the next guild meeting be?

19:18 – How do you stop yourself from being too complacent around your power tools?

20:43 – Marc isn’t pre-diabetic.

21:44 – How long did Phase 1 of the shop remodel take to complete?

22:18 – Where is your Powermatic Sign?

23:06 – You seem to spend more time moving things around than working on projects. What’s up with that?

26:32 – How does Nicole deal with all the questions?

27:42 – Can you recommend a decent entry level Table Saw that won’t break the bank?

28:28 – What’s an easy affordable way to clean blades?

29:12 – Are you going to put a raised floor in your shop?

31:04 – Can you tell us the square footage of your shop and do you deduct the space from your taxes?

32:50 – Can you give any info on the guild dining room chairs?

33:54 – Have you guys been dieting?

34:54 – How did the clock build go? 

35:52 – Are you going to show the batch process for the dining chairs?

36:18 – X-men or Avengers?

36:34 – Is Nicole going to get a turning video?

36:57 – Have you done a tattoo of your kid’s names?

37:24 – How do you join the guild?

38:23 – What’s your favorite color?

38:27 – What’s your favorite Pizza?

38:33 – Oil or water based finishes?

38:40 – Favorite Hand plane?

40:20 – Patreon Thanks


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