Friday Live! – Shop Progress Update

Ask TWW - January 27, 2017

This week, I show off the new shop since we’re almost done with phase 1 of the conversion. Time to make some sawdust finally! The topic rundown is below and don’t forget you can help support the show on Patreon! 

0:40 – Kansas City Show Recap

1:25 – Denver Maker Meetup Recap

Denver Area Makers Facebook Group

4:15 – Thanks to Joseph Muench

6:35Andy Klein’s Miter Fold Blade

7:15 – January Giveaway Wrapping up – Enter Now!

8:35 – Marc has dermatitis

10:22 – Marc in Woodcraft Magazine

10:43 – Shop Update Tour

19:55Arcade Cabinet Video Released

20:25 – How do you plan on keeping dust out of your living space?

21:34 – Does plywood need a backer veneer?

23:25 – Can you use too much cold press veneer glue?

24:12 – What recommendations can you make on shop lighting?

26:48 – Do you know when the next Powermatic 15% off sale will be?

28:20 – What’s the longest board you can run through your table saw?

28:54 – Does the jointer fence rest below the table saw surface?

30:30 – Will you be filming the removal of the door rails?

32:03 – What are your thoughts on pen turning?

33:21 – Recommendations for sign appropriate wood?

34:37 – My jointer seems to be milling a bow into board, what’s wrong?

36:02 – Do you know what the student discount at Austin Hardwoods is?

36:20 – Will you mount the dust collector on the wall in the future?

36:46 – How long do you run these videos?

36:58 – Can I use my Festool router and track to drill dog holes in my benchtop?

37:53 – Patreon Thanks!

39:35 – Marc is pre-diabetic.


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