Friday Live! – Farmhouse Table & Dust Gorilla

Ask TWW - January 13, 2017

Today we’re talking about the new Farmhouse Table project as well as my new Oneida Dust Gorilla Pro. We’ll also tackle your questions from the chat room!

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Here’s the topic rundown:

1:35 – Craftsy Visit

2:45 – Stickers from members

3:40 – Farmhouse Table Guild Build Starts Today

4:48 – Shop Update: Dust Collection

9:16 – What happened to the Clear Vue?

11:53 – What kind of spray tip should I use to spray paint?

13:03 – Is there a problem applying finishes in colder temperatures?

14:20 – Updates on the Kansas City Woodworking Show.

16:00 – What are the pros and cons of beeswax on tools for protection?

16:26 – Have you had rust on your tools since your move to Colorado?

17:00 – Should I let wood and tools acclimate to my garage temperature before I start working? (Shop heating)

17:54 – Is the dust collector one phase or three phase?

18:25 – What are your favorite wood to work with and why?

19:10 – What tools will I need for the farmhouse table?

21:19 – Are you going to any other Woodworking Show?

22:02 – How do I clamp acute angle joints on a flag shadowbox?

23:45 – When are you coming to X location?


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