Friday Live! – Sloping Floor & Floor Pads

Ask TWW - January 6, 2017

Recorded LIVE 1-6-17. Want to support the show? Check us out on Patreon and get some sweet bonuses! 

Today we’re talking about sloped shop floors and floor pads, as well as a bunch of other Q&A topics. Here’s the rundown!

0:38 – Intro to bad high fives
2:12 – Patreon Supporters/Rewards Updates
3:26 – Denver Meetup Information
Facebook Event Page
4:00 – Kansas City Woodworking Show Information
5:28 – Have you found the sloping floor in your shop to be an issue?
9:55 – Deeper look at floor mats
Shop Flooring Choices
Rubber Tiles for Shop Flooring
13:58 – Why are you moving more to the offcuts channel?
17:40 – How much longer do you see yourself woodworking?
20:40 – Should I buy Craftsman tools if Sears goes bankrupt?
23:20 – Do you have any experience with Wood River planes and how do they compare to Stanley?
24:00 – Can I build the Split Top Roubo in phases?
24:57 – What’s the best way to remove rust and protect a table saw top?
Rust Prevention
Looks Like I’m Rusty!
28:00 – Do you like April Wilkerson?
29:06 – What did you spray on your forstner bit in the poker chip tray build?
29:50 – How do I join the Guild?
Easy, go here! 
30:50 – Would you ever upgrade to a 12” jointer?
33:00 – What is a good finish to keep walnut dark long term?
34:17 – Any advice on fixing a loose Mortise and Tenon?
36:20 – Is there a time where you had a breakthrough that made you the woodworker you are today?
37:56 – What was your latest “Ah-HA!” moment?


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