Friday Live! – Insurance, Dovetail Saws, Air-Drying Lumber

Ask TWW - December 30, 2016

Recorded Live 12/30/16 – We’re talking insurance for the shop, dovetail saws, air drying lumber, and of course a bunch of questions from the audience. The rundown is below. And don’t forget to check out our support options on Patreon. Your help is appreciated!

2:13 – Kansas City Woodworking Show Dates
2:33 – Happy Birthday George
3:06 – Shop Update
3:20 – Arcade Cabinet Update
4:52 – How do you handle insurance in your shop?
6:03 – How does your mobile base work on your 20” Bandsaw?
7:55 – Do you have any recommendations on where to buy handsaws?
10:32 – Do you know how to store and dry felled trees? Wood Magazine Article
15:35 – What finish would you put on trivets?
18:18 – Any suggestions for a 2 car garage shop air cleaner
19:31 – What’s the web address to sign up for the Guild? Start building today!
20:29 – Is it worth buying a miter gauge for a Dewalt saw, or just make a sled?
21:38 – How do I prevent endgrain from soaking up paint/finish?
23:12 – Where did you get the buttons for the arcade?
24:05 – Are there any considerations that need to be made when finishing a cabinet that will reside in the bathroom?
25:32 – Have you ever considered skylights in the shop for extra lighting?
26:52 – Have you been able to use your sleds on the Dewalt table saw?
27:30 – When will you give more info on the Denver meetup?

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 5:30 PM CST – Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery –  2990, Brewery Ln, Littleton, CO 80120 – (303) 803-1380

28:35 – Any advice for a second baby?
32:48 – Good beginner projects for a new table saw?
34:13 – Patreon Shoutouts


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