Friday Live! – 3M WorkTunes & Calavera Tool Works

Ask TWW - December 24, 2016

Recorded live 12/24/16. Today we’re talking about 3M WorkTunes Bluetooth and Calavera Tool Works as well as a bunch of questions from the audience. Here’s the topic rundown.

1:20 – Shop Lighting & Painting Update – American Green Lights
3:47 – Are you using studio lights along with the overhead lights?
5:45 – Hearing Protection Review
3M Bluetooth WorkTunes
Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
8:10 – Calavera Tool Works Shop Apron and Pouches
11:25 – Arcade Cabinet Update
13:40 – When will Nicole get her own microphone?
14:25 – Mateo’s thoughts on Christmas.
15:40 – What do you think of your Narex chisels?
16:55 – Do you have any recommendations for active hearing protection?
17:40 – Can you make the electronics easily exposed for the arcade cabinet?
18:54 – Have you decided if you’re going to keep the big bandsaw or not?
19:20 – When and where is the Denver Meetup? Click here for the Facebook event.
19:53 – Will you ever get a CNC or laser cutter?
21:45 – Have you met Frank Howarth?
22:41 – Has rust been a factor on your tools since your move?
23:25 – Are you a knitter hater?
24:09 – What shop made jigs got cut during the move?
25:10 – Do all planers work in the cold weather?
26:06 – Have you explored your community yet?
27:09 – What will the next guild project be?
28:02 – Have you ever attempted to make your own MFT top?
28:32 – Do you ever take your wedding band off in the shop?
29:00 – Will you ever have an open house in Denver?
29:36 – What project do you regret the most? / Would you do over again?
31:45 – Any clues on creating a salted oak finish?
31:51 – Do you ever meet up with other Youtubers?
33:11 – What are your thoughts on Hitler? Totally not a setup
34:08 – Did you make it out to Austin Hardwoods?
34:30 – What do you think of collaboration videos?
35:00 – Why do people not understand Marc’s humor?
36:20 – What do you think the next shop setup task is going to be?
37:00 – Have you looked at the EVO miter saw?

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