Double Bevel Marquetry DVD with David Marks

Article - July 30, 2012

It was a sultry Arizona Sunday. Nicole took Mateo to her mom’s for a day at the pool and I had only one responsibility: smoke the ribs. That’s a job I’ll take any day! But that wasn’t the only thing on my schedule. A few days previous, I received my complimentary copy of David Marks’ Double Bevel Marquetry DVD and I promised myself I would take the time to enjoy it on Sunday. I saw some advanced footage from this DVD and I took this exact class from David years ago, so I pretty much knew what to expect, on paper at least. But what I didn’t anticipate was near-violent re-filling of my creative juices (something I sorely needed)!

Let’s face it: some woodworking DVDs and videos are the perfect sedative. Others may pass on enough information to keep you awake, but they don’t do much to inspire you. It’s a rare occasion when a DVD escapes the typical traps and leaves you with a renewed sense of creativity and purpose. That’s what this DVD did for me. Maybe it was the smell of wood smoke and spice rub, or the sweet taste of my Dr. Pepper, or perhaps the fact that David was and still is my mentor. But my mind was racing with new ideas, not just in marquetry, but in furniture in general. I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same reaction I did, but I’m thinking you probably will.

In this 90 minute DVD, David gives us every detail we would need to know to successfully create a marquetry image using the double-bevel technique. Since I did take the class in person, I can honestly say that the DVD holds nothing back. In-person classes can be great. But for folks who don’t have the budget, time, or desire, a DVD like this really fits the bill and has the added advantage of being re-watchable. So if you have ever felt your artistic side calling out to you, I highly recommend learning the marquetry technique which is essentially “painting with wood”.

I have a policy of NOT reviewing DVDs from folks that I have an ongoing friendship with. It just gets too messy. So this isn’t meant to be a review. I’m not going to give this DVD a “grape soda rating” and I won’t be dissecting it like I do on the Wood Talk Online Review Show. What I can do is tell you this is a worthy purchase. There aren’t many resources out there for double bevel marquetry and I believe this is a technique anyone can master, if you have the right teacher. I highly recommend you let David Marks be that person.

You can pick up your copy today right on David Marks’ website. You can thank me later.