I’ve Been Framed!

Article - July 31, 2012

Once the concrete slab and patio were poured, the framing went up super fast. The daily progress from this crew was simply amazing, as many of the folks who watched the Live cam can attest to. I took one picture of the wall studs laid out on the ground and didn’t get another shot until a couple days later when the walls were up!

There was a crane scheduled to help hoist the trusses in place. As you can see, he was late. So the crew had to lift them in place manually. Fun to watch, not so fun to do.

The OSB sheathing went up in about two days. You can see they left some spots open for support boards. Once the building was able to stand on it’s own, the boards were removed and the gaps were covered with OSB.

The patio came together rather nicely. I honestly wasn’t sure how they were going to connect the patios so that it would look seamless, while also making the connection to the house. Finally today, the patio framing is pretty much complete and the two patios are now one. That’s a lot of patio space, but it’s something we felt the shop needed for both additional protection from the sun, but also to conform to the existing look of the house (a big deal with our HOA).

The front of the shop certainly deserves some explanation. I have no doubt that if we ever sell this house in the future, a big drawback of the shop will be that it doesn’t have a big garage door. Frankly, there are more “car guys” than “woodworking guys” out there. So I thought it would be worth a few extra bucks to install a header for a potential future garage door. If someone really wanted to, it would be easy enough to demolish my double doors and expand the opening. As you can see in the second shot, my doors result in a much smaller opening and a lot more interior wall surface. The doors will be a set of glass patio doors to match what we have on our house and with both doors open, I should have about 5′ to work with.

These are two of my favorite shots. The interior skeleton and the yard view. So far, I’m very happy with the progress and I continue to be impressed with our builder. It won’t be long before I’m moving those tools out of storage and into their new home!


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