Top 10 Questions That Would Get Me Kicked Off a Construction Site

Article - July 24, 2012

As I watch my new shop come to life, I am repeatedly reminded of why I would be useless on a construction site. After making furniture for over ten years, my perspective is completely skewed. The things we tend to worry about in a wood shop are almost laughable to a construction crew. Perfectly straight boards? Thousandths of an inch? HA! Keep dreaming. These guys would have a whole wall up by the time I have my first 2×4 jointed and planed. So this revelation inspired me to come up with the top 10 questions that would get me kicked off a construction site…… immediately.

1 – Does this pink half-mask respirator make my face look fat?
2 – Are you seriously going to make that circular saw cut with no guide?
3 – My .5mm pencil keeps breaking while marking for these studs, can I borrow yours?
4 – Did anyone bring a jointer so I can straighten out this 2×4?
5 – You do realize that’s an end-grain to long-grain joint, right?
6 – I brought my nail gun from home. 18 gauge should be OK, right?
7 – Sheesh, don’t people make houses WITHOUT metal fasteners anymore?!?!
8 – Seriously?! No glue on that joint?!
9 – Don’t these guys know that cabinet-grade plywood holds up better than OSB?!?!
10 – Are you kidding me? No WiFi?!?!

There are so many more I could come up with. So what would get you kicked off a construction site?