Tom’s Frames & Cutting Boards

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Added on December 18, 2008

tom-1Tom from says, “In the back row are two sets of picture frame bookends. One set’s frames are made with zebrawood and the other’s are made of sapele. Both of the uprights are made of maple. The frames are sized to hold a portrait 4 x 6 photo in a slip-in acrylic photo frame. In the front row, you can see some of the end-grain cutting boards I made from maple, cherry and walnut. While they came out looking great, I discovered that I really need to improve my sawing and glue up technique. I finished them a la The Wood Whisperer method with thinned polyurethane. The boards readily soaked up the thinned finish, and a final sanding with 220 on my random orbit sander gave them a very slick and smooth surface. “


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