Mike’s Gadget Station

Viewer Project - By Mike
Added on December 24, 2008

Just as I finished up my gadget station, my boss told me about your website and your gadget station. Mine is a built-in that goes in a wall between the hall that goes to my garage (my main entrance into my house) and my basement stairs. The front of it (the drawer side) goes toward the garage hall and the back (the door side – kind of looks like a medicine cabinet) goes in the basement stairway. It is made of aspen and poplar and painted white. I normally don’t like to paint my woodworking projects, but all of the trim in the house is white, so I figured this would match better. The box is put together with glue and biscuits. I used delrin for the drawer slides and used the drawer fronts as a positive stop to set the drawer depth – it worked out pretty well.

I put an outlet in the basement wall side of it and plugged in a power strip. It is currently used to charge two cell phones and my camera battery. The drawers store our keys, my wallet, our cameras and my portable GPS. It also has a plastic bin in the top of the the inside of the door. I use that to put bills and mail that eventually need to go down the basement to my office. The door still needs a knob (I forgot about it when I bought the knobs for the drawer) and the paint around the basement side still needs to be touched up, but I am onto my next project, so that can wait.


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