Stuart’s Library Ladder

Viewer Project - By Stuart
Added on May 26, 2010

I just wanted to thank Marc for this awesome site he’s built and how it’s inspired me to get into wood working. I’m 20 and a second year in college in a fine arts program. One of the assignments of our design course in school is to design and build something of our choosing. I was inspired by an article I read on Fine Woodworking’s site about furniture called library ladders, like chairs that fold into step ladders. After watching pretty much all of TWWs project videos, I figured I’d give it a shot for my first major woodworking project. After watching the mortise and tenon video, I figured that would be the coolest joinery to work with on the chair I was making. I mean afterall, Marc made it look so easy! Wow, what a jerk move. Do you know how long it took me to painstakingly drill press and chisel out like 20 mortises? Well, regardless of what a pain it was, the chair turned out great, though with a few flaws. So thanks Marc, for inspiring me to get started in the first place and maybe I’ll take on a few of your posted projects as something to try next.


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