Nick’s Krenov-Style Cabinet

Viewer Project - By Nick
Added on May 20, 2010

I built this cabinet on a stand a few months ago. I love the works of James Krenov and decided to pay homage to him by building a cabinet in his style. The cabinet itself is made of Beech. The doors of the cabinet were coopered and shaped with hand planes, with sides being in at a slight angle are also shaped with a hand plane. Inside there are 2 small drawers with hand-cut dovetails with curved fronts. The stand is made of Red Oak, with the rails having odd angles cut on the ends to match the angles of the cabinet, also have curves and bevels. The cabinet was finished with a light coat of shellac while the stand was finished with a few coats of oil.

The 2 handplanes inside? Well before Krenov stopped making planes/passed away I asked him for one. After receiving it, a bad crack had developed in the cross pin. I told him about it and he sent me another one, insisting I keep the first one.

To learn more and James Krenov, check out the Wikipedia page and the Krenov Website.


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